Just received my new ┬┤Bulletin┬┤which I have enjoyed reading. I noticed it cost 1.49 (no pound sign on my keyboard!). I would be more than happy to receive it by email and save you the cost of postage.


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  1. Malcolm Watson says:

    Quite happy to receive ecopies of Journal
    Malcolm Watson

  2. Bill Morton says:

    Please note that digital copies of the journal are sent to all e-members.

  3. Marie McIntosh says:

    I think most people would agree to the Journal being shown on the site. I certainly am, it’s always eco friendly to use less paper.

  4. Hugo Donnachie says:

    I would be quite happy to have the journal on-line. I don’t see any significant problems – but I have never produced an on-line journal and so am speaking from ignorance.

  5. Bill Morton says:

    I think producing a digital copy of the journal is something we should look into if there is sufficient interest from members. If you wish this to be considered, please pass on interest, either here or in the journal.
    UPDATE: Following interest shown, e-membership has now been introduced.


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