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  • Message from Madam Chairman
  • Thomas Learmont (1851 – 1928)
  • My Cousin – a hero
  • The pandemic lock down
  • On the trail of a broken shoe
  • Burnt out building at Crookedholm
  • Mum’s Rural C00kery Book
  • Darvel 150
  • McMurdo’s
  • Member’s Letter
  • Darvel and District War Memorial
  • The family of John Lymburner (c1693 – 1773)
  • Gie’s a Haun
  • Society Information

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  1. Webmaster says:

    Hi Christine,
    The “Latest Journal” entry above is just a summary that is visible to all visitors.
    To view the actual journal, select “Back Issues” and chose the Journal ofr Bulletin you wish to read.

  2. Christine March says:


    New member here, from Canada. I’ve just clicked onto the latest journal but am not able to read it at all. Is there a trick? Many thanks for any help you can offer.

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